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Java on a Motorola Q

Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 13:17

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Want to start downloading those cool Java games you see all over the internet and use them on your Motorola Q ? Follow these steps:

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I instaled it onto my moyo q but when I go to and click to play it says I need to instal java what do I do?

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Ive installed the IBM files and the other and all. I did the example golf score thing and it works fine. But I dont know java. How do I get midlets or whatever they are called to play now? What command or whatever do i use so the program will find the files and run them? When I use the same format as the example I get an error message that says. 8776 This application contains an invalid jar location. 8776 I would appreciate any help you can give me. Id like to get my Q runnin with java games. I feel it must be something simple that I am overlooking. Thanks.

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Hey men quiero que me lo explices paso a paso por que no logro instalarlo si espero que me respondas pronto si nos vems y gracias de antemano

Thanks very much ! Ive been trying to get this on for the Q and its been a hassle until now. I installed it and installed Java apps and games and it works great! Thanks! bro

Nothing works for me, it wont install ever time i try running it, it says i need a program to run those files. The install file just shows xml language. None of the files will run on it. please help., oi really like this phone and would love games

Hola a todos 8767 Quiero instalar Java en mi moto Q.., pero no se como alguien me ayudaria? intente instalar los programas q estan aqui.. pero no me funciono 8767

hey people i just got the motorola q from sprint but im not sure which one is it..i tried downloadin the cab but its all his jibberish i tried over and over again like it said in the comments buts still nothing does anyone know why? thanks

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