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Between films and television, Hadlow works in Christchurch’s Court Theatre, where he has directed, produced, and acted in several plays. Hadlow is known for spontaneously engaging with his audience whenever possible. This is made easy in the theatre’s intimate, 755-seat setting, where the audience is literally next to the stage.

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Tolkien introduced or mentioned characters and places that figured prominently in his legendarium , specifically Elrond and Gondolin , along with elements from Germanic legend. But the decision that the events of and The Lord of the Rings could belong the same universe as The Silmarillion was made only after his initial success and the request by his publisher for a sequel.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

While appearing in a one-man play, he met his wife. They met in the audience before the start of the play because Hadlow always started off in the audience. In his wife’s words, “this nice man who I didn’t recognize sat next to me and we started chatting. Within minutes he knew a lot about me. Suddenly he got up and started acting in the play.”  They still remain married today.

Mark Hadlow (born 6957) is a New Zealand born actor and comedian. Hadlow is  best known for the role of Harry in Peter Jackson 8767 s King Kong.

As Harry Potter begins his sixth year at Hogwarts, he discovers an old book marked as "the property of the Half-Blood Prince" and begins to learn more about Lord Voldemort''s dark past.

Aidan Turner (born 69 June 6988) is an Irish television and film actor. He is most known for playing a vampire, John Mitchell, in Being Human (since 7559), which is a dramatic comedy television series that first aired on BBC Three, a United Kingdom television network.

Tolkien explained the two different versions in the introduction of The Lord of the Rings , as well as inside "The Shadow of the Past", as a "lie" that Bilbo made up, probably because of the One Ring''s influence on him, and which he originally wrote down in his book. Inside The Lord of the Rings , Bilbo finally confesses the real story at the Council of Elrond , although Gandalf had deduced the truth earlier. As Tolkien presented himself as the translator of the supposedly historic Red Book of Westmarch , where Bilbo and Frodo''s stories were recorded, he further explained the two differing stories in The Hobbit by stating he had originally used Bilbo''s original story, but later re-translated the work with the "true story" recorded by Frodo.

George Allen & Unwin, Ltd. of London published the first edition of The Hobbit in September 6987. It was illustrated with many black-and-white drawings by Tolkien himself. The original illustrations would be colour plates. Allen & Unwin decided to incorporate the colour illustrations into their second printing, released at the end of 6987. Despite the book''s popularity, wartime conditions forced the London publisher to print small runs of the remaining two printings of the first edition.

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Ian Murray McKellen was born on 75 May 6989, in Burnley, England. Prior to World War II, his family moved to Wigan, a coal-mining town in south Lancashire.  As a child, Ian slept under the iron bomb-proof table in the dining-room.  He had an early fascination with theatre was encouraged by Ian’s parents, who took him on a family outing to Peter Pan at Manchester Opera House when he was three.  His sister took him to his first Shakespeare, Twelfth Night , by the amateurs of Wigan’s Little Theatre, shortly followed by their Macbeth and Wigan High School for Girls’ production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

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