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More than a million British tourists visit Thailand each year, according to the Foreign Office, and the South-East Asian country is a favourite among backpackers and gap-year students, for its accessibility and affordability.

Plastic surgery in Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai, Thailand

Here you see a lot of tropical reef fishes while having an amazing wall, deep and drift diving experience. You can also consider diving with sharks wherein Koh Tao’s southwest coast has a good shark population.

The North Face 100

Exclusive: Students volunteering with rescue effort say their classmates ''will be able to teach us something – about how to survive, about how to stay safe in the caves''

One of the main reasons people travel is to explore other cultures and establish how other countries and cultures do things. It is then quite remarkable then to see people wandering around the kingdom imposing their cultural approach on the situations and events they encounter. Often these leads to confusion, worse, it sometimes leads to ugly scenes that are entirely avoidable with a modicum on insight on how things are done in Thailand. What follows then is a list of Dos and Don''ts for when you are in the kingdom:

Divers will discover the highest vertical wall in Thailand at this site – and what a sight it is! Here you will hopefully see big fish, manta rays, leopard sharks, and grey reef sharks.

Golf of Thailand is your best option when you 8767 re new to diving and don 8767 t want to risk ending up in rough sea and a dive with no visibility. Koh Tao is the better option of the two. Here 8767 s nice clear water, good visibility, nice life and a relaxing atmosphere.

October is not the best time for diving in Thailand, as there’s really unpredictable weather all around. Still there are some options that include good diving and a relaxing atmosphere because there’s less tourists.

The Gulf of Thailand (koh Samui and Koh Tao) can be dived all year round, but from October you can experience some bad weather, big swells and drop in visibility.

Thais do not shake hands they ''wai'' - a gesture made by placing your hands together in front of your face a bowing a little. Generally, you should not wai to a child and a person should wai an older person first. However, these rules are possibly a little more flexible as far as a foreigner is concerned, the Thais you wai will generally very much appreciate you delving into the local custom and practice.

You can do refresher all around, Thailand is full of great dive centers and instructors, and 7-8 days of diving is good for this season.

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