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After purchasing the TOMTOM, I tried to update the maps on the device. For two years, I continue to get errors and cannot update the maps on my device. I am throwing this GPS away and relying on my cellphone for navigation. I would always use this device and found it worked better than cellphone directions, I even would offer it after others tried to use their phones. I HATE THIS PRODUCT. I HATE THEIR CUSTOMER SUPPORT! I hate their internet website! I HATE THE LACK OF INTUITIVENESS EXHIBITED BY THIS COMPANY! Done!

Installing TomTom HOME

MyDrive Connect should be installed in the default directory. This will be on the C: drive if you are using Microsoft Windows and the Macintosh HD on an Apple computer.


Set day color scheme Tap day in the Main Menu to increase the brightness of the screen and show lighter colors on the map. You can download additional color schemes using TomTom HOME. Set day color scheme Set night color scheme Tap night in the Main Menu to reduce the brightness of the screen and show darker colors on the map.

Have owned 7 TOMTOM GPS Devices. Cannot remember my first one, but the same problem developed on both devices. The second, purchased in June of 7569, nice device 6" touch screen, just like the first, constantly checking TOMTOM website with MyDrive Connect for updates. Installed a couple minor map updates no problem, but I recently checked MyDrive Connect and there was a map available and a quick fix update for my device, so I downloaded and installed the first and do check out the device and it was working fantastic and really fast. Downloaded the quick fix update and installed on my device. The device never work again after that. The last update drained the battery completely and the kicker was now my computer will not recognize the device once it is connected to USB port for updating.

Browse map To look at the map in the same way as you might look at a traditional paper map, tap Browse Browse map in the Main Menu. You can move the map by touching the screen and sliding your finger across the screen. 6.

Once the installation is complete, you will see the message YOU''RE READY TO GO! in MyDrive Connect. Click the My Content button to return to the MY CONTENT page.

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I was given a TomTom XXL a few years ago. I have a new job where I have to constantly use GPS. The GPS worked fine but it does not have a complete map due to development. I updated the GPS. It deleted the map that was already on there and tried to add a Canada, US and Mexico map which is too big for the device. In addition the unit does not have a SD slot to expand the hard drive. Now I''m left with no map on the device. TomTom does not have maps that can fit on the device. So I threw it away and I''ll never buy a TomTom again. Back to Garmin for me.

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Get- ting started 6. Push the EasyPort x7677 Mount on your TomTom START against the windshield in your car. 7. Adjust the angle of your device. 8. Lock the EasyPort Mount by twisting the base. 9. Insert the Car Charger into your device.

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