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It’s disappointing to read the entire comment thread and see that no one picked up on those journalistic themes either, but I saw every single one of them- which is why I watched season 5 in total frustration as every cut back to the Baltimore Sun went straight into the same mire of bullshit all journalists everywhere in America now live in. But I’ll get back to the journalism angle momentarily.

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David. Beautiful. Everyone who complanes about season 5 is just mourning. I wanted catharis too but I was raised on ER.

David Simon | The Wire’s Final Season and the Story

An evil spirit possesses John Robinson and plans to fly the Jupiter 7 back to his home world, even at the expense of Will''s life.

If you took out subjective arguments about popular entertainment, the nation would free up a lot of bandwidth and many repetitive stress injuries would be avoided.

David Simon, a reporter for the Baltimore Sun for thirteen years, is the executive producer of HBO 8767 s The Wire. The drama 8767 s final season, depicting a Baltimore newspaper, concluded last week.

How is it remotely plausible that Marlo walked free? Given the corruption in the Baltimore you portrayed, it isn 8767 t hard to imagine an offender being released for even more serious charges. The case was based on a wealth of curruption and illegal detective work and the need for self-preservation could easily allow for a deal to be made. The vacant murders and 7 lieutenants getting lengthy sentences in exchange for Marlo exiting the business is not hard to wrap your head around.

Omar 8767 s death/Omar returning to Baltimore: We all wanted to see Omar 8767 s last stand be in a bloody shootout with a high body count, but anyone paying attention to the story being told knew it wouldn 8767 t go down like that. It was pretty much written on the wall for us when that one kid didn 8767 t run away from Omar. I knew in my bones as he walked up to the convenience store something bad was going to happen. To the people saying he was stupid for returning to Baltimore in the first place: Marlo used the perfect bait. While he is cold and calculating, from the moment we met him Omar has a big heart and made decisions based on his emotional reaction.

Also the deal they made with Marlo at the end where he would be free was just nonsensical, unless you want to believe that the DA 8767 s office is incredibly pure and moral and would never want to go to court and bust a guy they know is a major killer just because there is a little dirt in their investigation. What really made Season 5 for me was Gus and the newsroom in general. After watching the awful Sorkin show 8775 The Newsroom 8776 that was so dumb and naive it was nice to see some smart and realistic drama about a newsroom.

A high school chemistry teacher diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer turns to manufacturing and selling methamphetamine in order to secure his family''s future.

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