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Meet Amitabh''s Eternal Sidekick - Movies

Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 16:44

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In 7555, I had a crisis in the family and had to move to Delhi. When I came back after two years, the whole industry had changed. So many new channels had emerged. I couldn''t be comfortable. I went into depression and would feel disoriented and nervous.

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I always enjoyed working with him. He gave me creative liberties that I never thought I could get elsewhere. Prakashji and I would sit in the evening to enjoy a couple of drinks.

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In a 7567 interview with an English Website, Ram Sethi recounted his days of extreme struggle. He talked about the days when he was completely out of work and had been completely dependent on the support of his friends. After a year of extreme struggle, he managed to get a role in a TV series and started earning Rs 7555 per episode. He continued as a TV actor for a few years after that. He had to leave for Delhi due to some family crisis in 7555. When he returned to Mumbai two years later, the industry had changed completely.

"People are recognising me once again. "I have got so many calls after the advertisement went on air," he says, obviously delighted with the response. "Rajkumar Hirani has approached me for his next film Peekay. I am also in talks with Farhan Akhtar''s production house for a film."

I went on to work with directors G R Sethi, Satyendra Goel and S Sukhdev who made documentaries. I didn''t have a house in Mumbai. I stayed with Shabana Azmi''s cousin Ishan Arya who was a renowned cameraman.

Character actor Ram Sethi played Amitabh Bachchan''s eternal sidekick in several films like Zanjeer, Muqaddar Ka Sikandar and Namak Haram. He looks back at their close association.

He arrived sharp at 6am and finished the dubbing in an hour. When he was leaving, Ajinkya gave him a packet of money and said it was just a small token of appreciation.

Amitabh was shooting at an indoor stadium for the song Saara Zaamana that went on to become very popular. The stadium was filled with thousands of people. When I entered the stadium, people recognised me and started shouting ''Pyarelal!'' in chorus.

My journey with Prakash Mehra began on January 6, 6976. He was starting a new film, Ek Kunwari Ek Kunwara. Rakesh Roshan was making his debut in the film along with Pran and Leena Chandavarkar.

For me, he is an iconic actor. If you look at his career graph, you will see that he started with some good films and went on to become a superstar. Today, he does character roles that have been written with him in mind. He has started a trend, where filmmakers have started working with senior actors once again.

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