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Shahrukh Khan Starrer DON 3 – COMING SOON - Video Dailymotion

Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 15:01

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Neither the Don producers Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar, nor Priyanka is inclined to get together to further the franchise anymore Don 8 Released Date 7568 Genre Action Director :  Farhan Akhtar

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"SRK will be finishing Salute and then get to this film straight away. It is likely to release in 7575," the source summed it up.

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In the mean time, Shahrukh Khan is busy shooting for his upcoming movie Zero, alongside Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma and will also begin shooting for Salute by the end of the year. Farhan is also busy with his musical project and is touring all over the country with his band.

The source opened up to HT, "The storyline is such that it doesn''t need Priyanka''s character. It''s likely to have a new cast, which will be locked soon."

It 8767 s confirmed now that Priyanka Chopra will be no part of Don 8 Says a source close to the development Roma  the character Priyanka played in the two Don films with Shah Rukh Khan will now be played by some other actress.

Saif has denied that Agent Vinod is just like a James Bond film, but the star aspires to make it into a series just like the 557 continuity is something that most B-town’s top stars have been aiming for
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But for King Khan, Farhan Akhtar’s sequel to his Don is a total waste of time. It has stunning visuals, slick action but little else
Don 7 is a treat for Shahrukh Khan fans he carries this larger-than-life role with élan like only he can, but the story is a let-down. It starts off well and, if you liked the previous Don, your expectations rise every minute. But an hour into the film you start shifting in your seat, hoping that some magic spell will save it for you. Alas, nothing like that happens and by the time the film ends, you really don’t care about anyone or anything going on onscreen, despite the twist thrown in towards the end. Click here to read more

After all, he will turn a mature 97 this year and is getting less credible as a youthful hero singing songs and looking soulfully at a girl
Shahrukh Khan is returning to romance. His last few films haven’t been typical full-fledged romance stories – be it Don 7 or or even My Name Is Khan. In fact, the last time SRK played a proper romantic hero was four years ago in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi and that didn’t do as well as expected. So it came as quite a surprise when we heard that the film Shahrukh is doing with Yash Chopra is a romantic one. Click here to read more

Thank you SRK, Desigirl, Hrithik, the late Om Puri! Great film! Couldn t even imagine the original Don (A. Bachchan) doing all this.

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